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Acorn Dairy's Milkman of the Month - Chris Park, Yarm Milk Deliveries

Chris is an independent milkman and has been delivering Acorn products to customers in and around Yarm for over two years.

Where do you deliver to?
"Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Hartburn, Fairfield, Norton, Thornaby, Long Newton, Sadberge and Elton – it’s quite a route!"

How long have you been delivering milk?
"For the past twenty-five years. I’m an expert in the field!"

How long have you delivered Acorn Dairy products?
"A couple of years, and I’ve loved every day. It’s been great getting to know the rounds and the customers."

Tell us about a typical day for you
"On delivery days my alarm goes off at midnight. I have a quick cuppa and then I’m off to load the van for over 300 customers. It generally takes 5 to 6 hours to deliver, so I have to head out early in order to be finished before the rush hour morning traffic gets in the way – and to make sure everyone receives their delivery in time for breakfast."

Why do you love your job?
"I’ve been doing this job ever since I was a young’un, following in the family’s footsteps up drives and down paths. It’s a good feeling to provide a service that is appreciated in the community."

Why did you choose to work with Acorn Dairy?
"It’s great to be able to fulfil the wishes of those seeking more environmentally friendly options. We offer customers a range of products, in recyclable and reusable materials."

What is your favourite thing about your job?
"It’s fun being out in the elements - most of the time! Plus, it keeps me fit and allows me a certain amount of freedom during the day."

Do you have any anecdotes from your rounds?
"I’ve seen it all over the years, but the most memorable aspects of the job are the interactions with customers.I see children grow from whole milk drinking toddlers, to semi-skimmed drinking schoolkids, before fleeing the nest only to start their own deliveries a few years later. I like the 'oldies' and all their tales of bygone days. One of my favourites was an unassuming old dear in her 90s, who was just about to move to a new house and before leaving told me in the strictest confidence that she was part of the Enigma team during the war! You just never know."

What is your favourite way to drink milk?
"I like to drink milk straight from the bottle - very cold and lip-smackingly tasty. Controversially for someone doing dairy deliveries, I don’t eat butter!"

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